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Professor Davina Cooper

£724,000 grant to explore gender status in English law

Kent Law School Professor Davina Cooper, working with a team of colleagues, has secured a grant of £724,000 for a three-year study investigating and evaluating the regulation of gender status in the law of England and Wales.

Reforming Legal Gender Identity: A Socio-Legal Evaluation will use cutting edge social science research methods to investigate how gender status is defined and regulated for legal purposes. The project will also assess options for possible reform.

The grant was awarded by the Economic and Social Research Council; research will start in May 2018. Professor Cooper will lead a multi-disciplinary team of academics with expertise in law, social psychology, gender and political theory, including Flora Renz (City, University of London), Dr Emily Grabham (Kent Law School) and Professor Elizabeth Peel (Loughborough University).

Professor Cooper said: “We are particularly interested in the implications that follow from assigning gender as a legal status at birth. Should this be reformed? What are the benefits and challenges in doing so; and what kinds of reforms might best address different peoples needs and concerns? It is very exciting to have the opportunity to conduct this innovative research which has the potential to change how gender is understood and regulated.”

The research will take place over three years and will include legal analysis, surveys, and interviews with policy-makers, NGOs, lawyers, activists and a wider public. The project will benefit from an expert advisory board comprising key academics in the field, as well as other stakeholders. Findings from the ongoing research will be shared through an interactive website and presented at public events as the project unfolds. One project aim is to develop a draft bill to provide a focal point for discussion of legal reform. An academic book and several articles will also be published.

Central Student Administration Team

New Central Student Administration Office

Formerly known as Student Records & Examinations and The Undergraduate Office – Humanities & Social Sciences, our two departments have merged to form Central Student Administration Office (CSAO).

We are responsible for current and alumni document processing, record updates, (online) module registration, operational management of examinations including adapted arrangements, exam result processing, student registration and academic data changes.

Please visit our new website for full information on our services.

Our contact details will change in line with our new identity, with and no longer in use after 1 August 2017

New contact details:
Twitter: @UniKent_CSAO
Tel: 01227 827000
Or visit us – Student Reception, The Registry Building. Canterbury Campus

Central Student Administration Team

Central Student Administration Office

Student Records & Examinations and The Undergraduate Office – Humanities & Social Sciences have formally become the Central Student Administration Office.

This rebranding reflects structural changes made in the last year which has seen the formation of specialist teams to oversee the various strands of work the office undertakes, from day-to-day in-course administration to external reporting and data handling. It also brings us into line with our Medway colleagues (Medway Student Administration Office).

Central Student Administration includes the Registry Student Reception, Operations Team, Data Quality Team and Information Compliance. All teams report to Jayne Hornsby, Assistant Director, Central Student Administration.

Our contact details will change in line with our new identity, with and no longer in use after 1 August 2017.

Our new contact details are:


Twitter: @UniKent_CSAO
Tel: 01227 764000
Location: G1, The Registry Building

Please visit our new website for full information on our services.

Our specialist teams will continue to work as one to deliver large-scale events and activities, like arrivals registration and examinations, and will retain the specific contact details for these standalone activities:

We would appreciate your support to make your colleagues and students aware of our rebranding, and your patience in the transitional period. If you have any queries or require clarification about any of our services please do not hesitate to contact us.