Staff briefing

Pilot changes to programme and module approval processes

From 1 September the University will be piloting changes to the Programme and Module approval processes.

The changes have been developed in partnership with key stakeholders and have been informed by consultation with representatives from across the University. The key changes are as follows:
– An enhanced business case stage, with support from central services, to help us be more confident of any new programmes we launch.
– A reduction in QA stages from three to two for new programmes, with programme leads present at PASC to help the process run more smoothly.
– An annual approval cycle which is easy to understand.

A full review of the pilot will be carried out in May 2018.

This staff guide explains the changes further.

In addition the pilot changes will be explained at two staff briefings in September.
– Tuesday 12 September, 14.00 – 16.00 – Medway (M1-22)

– Wednesday 20 September, 14.00 – 16.00 – Canterbury (GLT2)

To help with planning, please complete this Doodle Poll to indicate your intention to attend either briefing.

The pilot is being introduced as part of Simplifying Kent Project 1: Programme Approval and Curriculum Design, sponsored by Professor April McMahon, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Education and led by Dr Simon Kirchin, Dean of Humanities.

A second strand of the project is also underway. Throughout the spring and summer terms health checks have been carried out with schools and centres, looking at the University’s module and programme portfolio.

There are nine Simplifying Kent Projects in total, you can find out more about the projects on the Simplifying Kent SharePoint site.