Public Lecture – Mathematics in the eye of the beholder

Medical imaging benefits from advances in many branches of mathematics. At the same time, the needs of the medical diagnostic technology pose new mathematical challenges. This talk surveys a few problems that have appeared in Professor Marti­nez Finkelshtein’s collaboration with specialists studying some pathologies of the human eye, in particular, of the cornea.

The lecture, entitled `Mathematics is in the eye of the beholder’, will be delivered by Professor Andrei Marti­nez Finkelshtein, an expert in the applications of mathematics to human vision. Andrei Marti­nez Finkelshtein is a Professor of Applied Mathematics at the University of Almeri­a, Spain, and founder and Director of Research and Development at Neurobia Research.

The lecture takes place on Tuesday 4 July from 18.15-19.15 in the Sibson Lecture Theatre 3 on the University’s Canterbury campus. It is free and open to all. Parking is free on the campus after 17.00 and refreshments will be available in the Sibson atrium from 17.45.

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