Repairs to road and car park surfaces

Monday 24 April – Wednesday 26 April, 2017

On Monday 24 April 2017, road and car park repairs are scheduled to commence in varous locations around campus.  Ashford Tarmacadam will be the resurfacing Contractor and they will include traffic management in their works as required.

Work in the entrance to Giles Lane carpark will commence at approximately 07.00 on Tuesday 25 April and will cease when the traffic flow increases as people arrive for work, and then re-commence at approximately 09.15 once traffic into the car park has ceased. The repairs are expected to take approximately three days and are in the locations listed below.

  •  Missing Link Service Road
  •  Darwin Road Access Road to Giles Lane Car
  •  Park Potholes @Sports Hall Road
  •  Eliot Service road and Car Park
  •  University Road Keynes Car Park
  •  University Road adjacent to the Innovation Centre.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. If there are any queries please contact the Estates Helpdesk on Extn 3209.

Matt Brealey
Building Manager