Staff star in ‘We are European’ video

A new video featuring Kent staff highlights the huge number of European activities that members of the University are involved in.

The new staff-focused video is part of the ‘We are European’ project, led by Dean for Internationalisation, Dr Anthony Manning and follows the success of a similar video featuring Kent students.

Dr Manning commented: ‘Kent is well-known as the UK’s European university. This video tries to capture how being part of the University of Kent gives staff and students a unique opportunity to take advantage of the many European and international dimensions that are available through study at this institution.

‘A number of important themes emerged when creating the video, including the wide range of activities that our community is engaged with and the strength of European feeling among colleagues and students from across the globe. Importantly, whilst many of these experiences draw on our connections and academic resources that are liked to Europe, they are also relevant across the wider world.’

He added: ‘We are hugely grateful to all of the staff, occupying a diverse range of roles, who gave up their time to take part in the video and to showcase their experiences.’

Staff featured include: Alexandra Leduc-Pagel, Laura Garcia Rodriguez Blancas, Frank Mikus, Kimberley Attard-Owen, Professor Alex Stevens, Dr Amanda Klekowski von Koppenfels, Rosdip Rai, Dr Tom Casier, Lauren Frake, Sandy Relf, Catherine Butler, Catherine Kinsella and Alastair Ross.

To find out more about Kent’s European and international connections, see the University website.