A Taste of Japan was a feast for the senses

Japanese students studying on short English courses at the Centre for English and World Languages, hosted and performed “A Taste of Japan” on 17 August in Keynes Teaching Foyer.

Harada Sensei and his local group, who train at the University sports centre, opened the event with an impressive demonstration of Karate. Kobe Women’s University students performed Obon Odori dances and encouraged the audience to join in. Other students taught participants to do origami and calligraphy (Shodo). There was also a fun ‘chopstick challenge’ game.

The very popular Japanese tea ceremony was performed by students from Kogakkan University in Ise, and is taught by tea ceremony masters Kodama-sensei and Ikeda-sensei, who teach in a part of the university dedicated to the practice.

Jim Higham, IT Service Desk Manager – who attended and photographed the event – said: “A taste of Japan was a feast – “Gochisousama deshita!”

Sent in by Ruth Newman