Canterbury International Summer Schools Success

The University’s newly launched International Summer Schools have successfully finished their first summer occurrence at the University’s Canterbury campus since their re-establishment at the end of last year.

Students from all over the world signed up to participate in these postgraduate level Summer Schools covering Politics and International Relations, Psychology and Biotechnology. Students were able to gain an insight into studying with one of the UK’s top Universities; participating in expert seminars and workshops in their field of study and gaining valuable life skills to take with them in their continuing studies and into the workplace.

One student on the Psychology Summer School has said ‘I would say, these past two weeks have been the most exciting and incredible experience of my academic years so far. This summer school has given me the opportunity for self discovery, exploration of mind and most importantly, this is the place where I have found my true passion in academia and I believe a career arising in Psychology later!’

Summer School co-ordinator Sophie Punt has described this year’s schools as ‘diverse
and enriching opportunities allowing students to not only learn in depth about the subject matter but gain intercultural awareness and meet peers from all over the world. Students were very enthusiastic and made the most of their time in Canterbury.’

Part of the Internationalisation strategy of the University; the Summer Schools have been deemed a great success by Dr Anthony Manning, Dean for Internationalisation and as something he sees continuing to flourish in the future as Summer Schools gain precedent around the world.

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