What does working at the UK’s European university mean to you?

We would like to hear from staff from across the full range of the University’s schools and departments, regarding what being a member of the UK’s European university means to you and any benefits or opportunities that you have experienced.

Perhaps you have travelled abroad to share best practice or have benefitted from working in an internationally diverse environment; maybe you have learnt a new language; encountered alternative ideas or engaged with an international project or venture. Whatever your experience we would like to hear about it.

Colleagues are invited to share experiences and opportunities – whether formal or informal – of working at the UK’s European university. This need not be long, even a single sentence would be helpful.

We have already asked students what it means to them and this is what they had to say in the form of the following video.

Over the summer we will be making a similar video featuring our staff, and responses received will be used to inform how this takes shape. As such, please also indicate if you would like to take part.

Please email h.sullivan-guckian@kent.ac.uk to share your experience or to indicate your interest in participating in this project.

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