Children’s script writing competition winner

We are delighted to announce the winner of the children’s script writing competition organised by Professor Ray Laurence from the Department of Classical & Archaeological Studies. Kien Powell from the Stowe School in Buckingham won the first prize of a £200 book token for his script entitled ‘Day in the Life of a Roman Client.’

The competition invited students aged 11-18 to write a script focussing on a day-in-the-life of an individual living in Rome. It was an exciting way for students to use their knowledge about Rome and its people to develop their own stories and helped with their revision.

The judges commented ‘Kien’s script was a bit more original and interesting, looking at life from the perspective of a Roman client. There is some detail in there about Roman life, walking through the market, bathing, and dining and he cites a clear reference to a literary source – Juvenal. There is a good amount of Latin in there with accompanying explanation. Well written and concise.’

65 scripts were entered into the competition from a range of schools and it is hoped the winning script may be turned into an animated film similar to those on TED.Ed. The 2nd prize of a £100 book token went to Helena Golling, from St Edmund’s School, Canterbury for ‘Life Could Be Tough in Ancient Rome’ and the 3rd prize of three £20 book tokens went to Tahirah Hussain, Imah Begum Kadir and Sadia Wahid year 8 students studying Latin at St Paul’s Way Trust School, London for ‘Salvius vs Bregens’.

The competition will run again next year and full details will be available in the Autumn on the Lucius’ Romans blog at