Apply to be a Freshers Week Helper

Volunteering in this role will also look great on your CV, it’s fun to do, you meet lots of new people and it makes a real difference to students coming to study at Medway.
This is what a couple of our Freshers Week Helpers said about the volunteering role:
·         ‘I would say being a freshers helper for the first time was the best experience i had as a volunteer. I was given the chance to be part of the transition of young people from school to university life. I met so many people that i worked with as a team and many more new people on their first day in the university’. Lefteris
·         ‘I was a Freshers’ Helper and Team Leader and the best part of being a helper was learning new things about the university and the area surrounding it while meeting new people and gaining valuable basic skills. I also found many other volunteering opportunities through the GK Unions website which I took on and have taught me so many different things. I’m looking forward to volunteering in the future.’ Laura 
For more information or to apply NOW to be a Freshers Week Helper 2016: