Liquidity: A day symposium that investigates the flows of life, money and art and the axiomatics that bind them together

Wednesday 9 December, 11.15 – 18.00, The Mall, London, SW1Y 5AH

Sponsored by the University and organised by Dr Andrew Conio, Programmes Director, Fine Art and Event and Experience Design, School of Music and Fine Art, Liquidity, a cross-disciplinary forum creates a provocative encounter between philosophy, geography, psychoanalysis, high finance, film, economics, art and activism. With papers from Professor Philip Goodchild, Professor John Russell, Oliver Ressler, Angus Cameron, Anastasios Gaitanidis, James Buckley, Georgious Papadopoulos and films from Ami Clarke and Hillary Koob-Sassen, the symposium takes place at the Institute of Contemporary Art.

Every society in history has created economic, social and political systems to channel flows into things, functional processes and systems. This symposium asks; to what extent do the Quadrillions of dollars channeled through markets every day determine the ontological horizons and conditions of possibility of life. How are the flows of money and life’s imminent flows consiliant or forced into disjunctive relation, how does the artist capture these flows?

The School of Music and Fine Art is proud to be an affiliate partner with the ICA,, London’s foremost multi-disciplinary arts centre. All new SMFA students are offered FREE memberships and the ICA has a series of rolling internships with the Creative Team, providing a fantastic opportunity to gain work experience in one of the UK’s flagship arts institutions.

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