Templeman Library open 24/7

In response to student feedback we are pleased to provide 24/7 opening of the Templeman Library from Monday 24 November until the end of this term.

24/7 opening will then start again on 18 January right through until the end of the summer term. That means the Library won’t close at all for over 5 months!

See the full opening hours.

You’ll need your card!
Between 9pm and 8am you can access the Library only by scanning or showing your KentOne card. So make sure you take it with you if you pop out.

To put it simply: no card, no access from 9pm-8am.

What service you can expect
Between 9pm and 9am the Library will be self-service.

If you need assistance with any services, do ask the staff on duty. They’ll help you as far as they can, but may have to refer some queries to day time staff.

The main role of the duty staff is to monitor the study environment. Let them know if there are any issues by emailing library-report@kent.ac.uk.

Look after yourself
Just because we’re open 24 hours doesn’t mean you should always work through the night. Make sure you take regular breaks and don’t burn the candle at both ends!

Getting home
If you live on campus, staff from Campus Watch can walk you home. Phone 01227 82 3300 to book.

If you live in Canterbury, the ‘nite’ Unibus runs until the early hours, Monday-Saturday during term time. Download the timetable.