Recognition for student ambassadors

Staff from the School of Sport and Exercise Sciences would like to thank all the student ambassadors who have supported their outreach activities.

The ambassadors, who have been funded by the Student Projects Fund, have played key roles in several events which have helped engage schoolchildren with the world of sports science.

Led by Dr John Dickinson, Lecturer in Physiology and Head of the University’s Respiratory Clinic, the outreach work has included a series of Inside Sports Science events, which featured activities with the British Heart Foundation and the British Cardiovascular Society during their annual children’s event in Manchester.

Student ambassadors also played a large part in the School of Sport and Exercise Sciences’ event during the University-organised World Congress of Cycling Science. Held in the Rose Bowl in Leeds and coinciding with the Tour De France, the event invited pupils from four Leeds primary schools to use specialist equipment in order to inspire them to learn more about science and become more physically active.

Dr Dickinson said: ‘These events are a great way to encourage young people to explore different ways science is used in sport. Funding for the student volunteers to work on the projects in Manchester and Leeds was provided by the University of Kent Opportunity Fund. The volunteers helped co-ordinate both of the events; without the University of Kent Opportunity Fund paying for travel and accommodation neither of these events would have been possible.’

For further information, contact Bradley Cronk.