New Asian Studies UG programmes

The School of European Culture and Languages (SECL) is pleased to announce its new suite of Asian Studies BA (Hons) programmes, all offered in combination with another subject area from SECL.

Asia is a fast-growing, large and diverse continent, encompassing many countries, cultures and languages. Combining Asian Studies with another subject enables you to engage with the cultural diversity of Asia alongside Europe, offering a truly global perspective. Richard King, Professor of Buddhist and Asian Studies from the Department of Religious Studies, commented: ‘This is an exciting new development for the University, allowing students the opportunity to explore the rich intellectual traditions, cultural history and dynamism of the Asian region as well as analyse its more recent cultural interaction with the West.’ The joint honours programmes include:

  • Asian Studies and Classical and Archaeological Studies
  • Asian Studies and Comparative Literature
  • Asian Studies and English Language & Linguistics
  • Asian Studies and French
  • Asian Studies and German
  • Asian Studies and Hispanic Studies
  • Asian Studies and Italian
  • Asian Studies and Philosophy
  • Asian Studies and Religious Studies.

To find out more about these programmes, please see the SECL webpages or email SECL.