Making adjustments is not unreasonable

Removing or reducing a disadvantage in the workplace related to someone's disability

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“Reasonable adjustments are changes an employer makes to remove or reduce a disadvantage related to someone’s disability. For example:

  • making changes to the workplace
  • changing someone’s working arrangements
  • finding a different way to do something
  • providing equipment, services or support.

Reasonable adjustments are specific to an individual person and can cover any area of work. It’s not enough for employers to provide disabled people with exactly the same working conditions as non-disabled people. Employers must make reasonable adjustments by law. Some disabled people might not need or want adjustments, although this might change over time”. (ACAS, 2022)

Inclusive practices at Kent

Inclusion passport

The Inclusion Passport is used to capture adjustments made for employees and to document what helps them work best, feel included and get the support needed. It’s here to improve the experience in the workplace, and document adjustments in relation to individual differences, personal circumstances and will also consider any disability and long term health conditions.

The passport is designed to ensure adjustments travel with the individual they apply to if they change role, move between teams or are assigned a new line manager.

Access the Inclusion Passport guide and form here.

Confirmation and confidentiality

The contents of an Inclusion Passport, and the required adjustments, are agreed by both the individual and their line manager.

The holder of the passport agrees to:

  • tell their line manager about any future changes in circumstances
  • to attend review meetings to ensure the support put in place remains fit for purpose.

Managers will agree to:

  • the reasonable adjustments set out in the passport
  • ensure that the information declared will be treated in strictest confidence unless this is otherwise agreed
  • explore options for further resource and update the individual on progress
  • only disclose information to Human Resources (HR) or any third parties with permission of the passport holder or in line with internal policies,

A copy of the document will be stored within Staff Connect for Managers view and the original signed version handed back to the employee.

Guidance for managers

This document forms part of the guidance available to line managers as part of the University’s People Practices.

It provides a short overview of how to use an Inclusion Passport, how to make reasonable adjustments, and will help to have conversations with members of your team who wish to use an Inclusion Passport.

Access the Inclusion Passport and Reasonable Adjustments guidance for managers.

Training in reasonable adjustments

Undertake the Training in Reasonable Adjustments module to learn about what reasonable adjustments are, when they might be necessary and how to put them in place.