Book Club Launch

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September will welcome the launch of the Staff Disability Network book club where we will read and discuss books themed around disability.

We hope to highlight books in which disabled characters play a prominent role and voices of disabled people are amplified. The Guardian recently published an article commenting on the lack of (positive) disability representation in literature, so there is still progress to be made.

Get involved

Join us for our first ever online Book Club, Friday 23 September, 13:00 to 14:00.

Email the Staff Disability Network to register.

About the book

We will be reading Disability Visibility: First-person stories from the 21st century, edited by  Alice Wong.

Front cover of a book titled ‘Disability Visibility: First Person Stories from the 21st Century Edited by Alice Wong’ the book cover has overlapping triangles in a variety of bright colours with black text overlaying them and an off-white background.

Alice “brings together an urgent, galvanizing collection of personal essays by disabled people in the 21st century”

The book “gives a glimpse of the vast richness and complexity of the disabled experience, highlighting the passions, talents, and everyday lives of this community. It invites readers to question their own assumptions and understandings. It celebrates and documents disability culture in the now. It looks to the future and past with hope and love”.

About the author

Photo of Alice Wong, an Asian American disabled woman with a mask over her nose attached to a tube for her ventilator. She is in a power wheelchair and wearing a gray sweatshirt with a tiger and leopard-print red and black pants. Behind her are bamboo tree.
Alice Wong (she/her) is a disabled activist, writer, editor, media maker, and consultant. Alice is the founder and director of the Disability Visibility Project, an online community dedicated to creating, sharing, and amplifying disability media and culture.
For more about her work, you can go to her website or check out the latest on Twitter @SFdirewolf and Instagram @Disability_Visibility.