Meet the team- Robert (Bob) Green OBE

We are privileged here at the University of Kent to have Bob Green OBE teaching on our Forensic Science course. Bob was awarded his Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire in 2008 for services to forensic science. He has worked as the Head of Science and Technology, Police Standards Unit and as a specialist for Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and as a Police Inspection Specialist among other roles before going into teaching at university level. He is currently the vice president of the Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences and chairs the Membership and Ethics Committee for the professional body 

Bob is not only a great teacher but dedicated to improving the Forensic Science community – both within the University and internationally, through his weekly newsletter. During 2022 alone, Bob provided 39 newsletters, sharing news from the society, the university and podcasts as well as the odd brainteaser game 

These newsletters also highlight student success as Bob stays connected with many of our alumni who often share with him their career pathways and achievements. One such alumni recently contacted Bob to thank him for his encouragement to move to London to take on a master’s degree from Kings College, London, from which they graduated with a distinction.  

Bob works closely with the forensic science society, which, due to Bob’s input now includes friends and students from Canterbury Christ Church University. With Bob’s connections, the society has had the amazing opportunity to have speakers on veterinary pathology, bomb crime scene investigations and field trips to the Crime Museum in Hastings, and the annual visit to the Gordon pathology museum. Places that many of the public are not permitted into.  

Away from his work with prospective, current and past students, Bob is an internationally acclaimed speaker and shares his expertise around the world.  In 2022 alone, Bob spoke internationally at conferences, at the World Policing Forum in Dubai and at the conference on disaster victim identification in Abu Dhabi. In 2023 he is leading a workshop on DNA mixture interpretation in Italy and India on the impact of DNA science to prevent victims of crime.  and women’s rights. For those who are unable to travel, Bob has spoken in the UK and online including at the Forensic European Expo in London and the Cyno-Medicx World Forensic Symposium at their Keynote speaker.  

More recently, Bob has been invited to join the Indian Police Foundation as an Advisor to the Centre of Forensic Science, where he will share modern day forensic methods for the benefit of society and justice in India.  

You can listen to Bob on the go via the Braemar Hill Podcast on the use of forensic DNA, which already has 22,000 downloads, or catch him on Sky Crime TV’s documentary for Britain’s Most Evil Killers. Bob has also starred on Sky TV’s Saturday Night Strangler, Channel 5’s Documentary: Cold Case Killers and BBC’s Crime Documentary, The Moment of Proof, all as an expert witness, not as the evil killer.  

When Bob is not travelling the world, he is part of the Division of Natural Sciences Academic Misconduct Committee as their Chairman.  


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