‘Electricity: Why, Watt, How?’ at Discovery Planet

On the 24th, 25th, and 26th November, Dr Vicky Mason and Megan Bell delivered a workshop titled ‘Electricity: Why, Watt, How?’ as part of the Discovery Planet shop in Ramsgate. Aided by the fabulous Discovery Planet staff, ambassadors from the University of Kent, and a team of local volunteers, they saw over 300 local students and their families, with visitors of all ages taking part!  

Students first took part in demonstrations of how an electric circuit works, before building their own circuits using conductive tape. They then investigated their circuits, with some testing the conductivity of various materials, and others adding additional LEDs and batteries in series and parallel. The sessions finished with all the students using a Van der Graff generator to produce a spark, which the kids (and many of the adults) particularly enjoyed.  

Comments from participants included “Electricity is fun!”, “I loved it”, “It was hard and challenging but it made it fun”.  

Thanks again to all the Discovery Planet staff, the staff from the University of Kent, and all our local volunteers for a successful 3 days! If you have any ideas of a workshop you would like to run, they are always welcome! For more information, you can visit the Discovery Planet website Home | Mysite (discoveryplanet.co.uk), or email info@discoveryplanet.co.uk. 

Discovery Planet was founded in 2013, bringing inspirational, enriching and creative experiences to the heart of communities. They work with local state schools, SEN schools and home-schooled students to provide engaging workshops to local students and families. 

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