Where are they now – Emily’s journey to Medical School.

Written by Bob Green

Emily graduated a few years ago now and has been determined to follow her dreams to read medicine. Emily is among the first cohort to study at Kent and Medway Medical School (KMMS) and although very busy with her studies to become a doctor, she has written a few words of inspiration. Emily studied Forensic Science, so, in terms of inspiration, it doesn’t get much/any better than this. I’ve (Bob) had the privilege of being in close contact with her and the family since graduation and perhaps being able to help a little, along the way. The photograph above is when we met during her interview/assessment for KMMS. Perhaps take a moment to read her motivational story and hope this encourages you to follow in her footsteps.

Emily tells us that “…It was only a few years ago, that I was in the exact same shoes as you are now, on a journey, studying diligently towards achieving my Bachelor of Science Degree in Forensic Chemistry. I still vividly recall the hours of dedication; attending my lectures and laboratory sessions, as well as the optional workshops and consistently ending up in the library to get my hands on any other extracurricular material. From this, I was able to develop a deeper understanding of what I was learning, but also increasing my knowledge in the field of forensics and what a career may look like. After having the privilege to study for three years at the University of Kent, all the hard work had finally materialised and I was rewarded with a First Class Honours at my graduation.

Subsequently, it was time to embark on an exciting new chapter in my career, working as a Forensic Toxicologist and applying what I had learnt in my degree to 2 the working environment. The knowledge that I had acquired in my degree seemed to be a prerequisite for my role working in forensic laboratories. This included many practical techniques such as sample collection, continuity, sample analysis and forensic reports; which were all methods I was exposed to in my undergraduate degree. Significantly, my academic and professional experience has highlighted the importance of having integrity and ensuring impeccable quality assurance and control. Delving a bit more into my forensic role, it was a mixture of both laboratory and office-based work. This entailed the analysis of biological samples for alcohol and drugs and documenting the results in reports which may be used as evidence in court. Another important aspect of my role was travelling to courts across England to provide evidence as an Expert Witness. As of now, I am on another exciting phase in my career, where I have returned to full-time education studying medicine at the Kent and Medway Medical School. As you reach the beginning of your working careers, I encourage you to make the  most of the opportunities provided to you, but to also create your own opportunities. Be innovative, be creative and connect with others along your journey. Networking is a great way to develop your personal and professional goals. However, I understand at times it may not always seem easy to ask others for help or guidance, but doing so can be a potential gateway to an opportunity you may not have otherwise known. Above all, have a good working ethic in your life. At times there may be challenges along the way, but remember if you are dedicated to your outcome, these will be challenges worth overcoming”.

Massive thanks and congratulations – Emily and know that we will follow your progress with immense interest and pride.

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