Forensic Science visit to the Gordon Museum of Pathology

By Bob Green

As in previous years, our visit to the Gordon Museum of pathology was a resounding success with very positive feedback from the curator and also from students who describe the experience as “…incredibly interesting and amazing”. I hope you’ve enjoyed our events and look forward to planning more, next term. Due to the subject matter, photography within the museum is limited but I did manage to capture some of the memories from your day in the album here.

During our visit we were fortunate to have a lecture on forensic pathology by the curator of the Museum who had worked with Simpson and spoke about his life and work as well as showing an excerpt from the interview he recorded in 1983 (remind yourself of this here). He also spoke to us about the important and influential text, Simpsons Forensic Medicine. I have (a past) edition of this work which has been updated many times since. You can take a look at this here. As you will imagine, some of the illustrations/content is rather graphic so please pass this over if you think it might be distressing. Nevertheless, if you decide to take a look, perhaps remind yourself of some of our discussion regarding time of death and the post-mortem interval which we talked about with some of you on Friday. You can see this referred to in the table (box5.2) on page 53 onwards. You can look at this and other things alongside the materials and quiz on page 11 & 12 (here) which we looked at in our module on Friday.

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