SEPnet SME-DTN PhD scholarships for industrial collaborative PhD projects

The South-East Physics Network (SEPnet) comprises nine universities working together to deliver excellence in physics. The aim of the SME Doctoral Training Network (SME-DTN) is to create a critical mass of research to support both regional industries and national science priorities with funding from Research England Development Fund (RED).

The SME-DTN aims to attract applications from diverse backgrounds and non-traditional routes.

See below for our current projects for 2021-2022 and please note the application deadlines:

  • Materials Physics Group, University of Sussex, Advanced Material Development and Rapiscan:  Ceramic Based Conducting Composites and Coatings to Eliminate Detrimental Charging During X-Ray Bombardment. The project will develop both coatings and composites with adjustable electrical and thermal conductivities. Structure property relationships will be analysed using a range of techniques including photoelectron spectroscopy, mechanical spectroscopy and electron microscopy. The materials robustness to X-ray exposure will be tested as a function nanoparticle inclusion. Prototype structures will be fabricated and tested.  Deadline to apply 10 January 2022. For further details and to apply see here.

  • University of Kent and Body Rocket: Machine learning for optimisation of cycling performance using real-time aerodynamics.  Applicants are invited to undertake a 3 year PhD program in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Kent in partnership with Body Rocket Ltd. The project aims to develop machine learning algorithms for real-time monitoring of aero dynamic drag, allowing cyclists to adjust their on-bike position dynamically for optimal performance. Deadline to apply 10 January 2022.  For further details and to apply see here.

All students recruited to the SME-DTN are expected to attend the Graduate Network Summer and Winter Schools and up to 5 advanced physics courses during the course of their PhD.  For details of the GRADnet Training Programme 2021-22 see here.

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