Rasesh’s Story: Studying Chemistry as an International Student

Third Year Chemistry Student Rasesh shares his experience studying at Kent.

“Success is not a destination but a journey

Hello there, I am a 22-year-old undergrad at the School of Physical Sciences, whose sole motive is to make an impact on the society and to the world through the knowledge that I have acquired at Kent. I completed my primary and secondary education in Sri Lanka, and I was always dreaming to study chemistry in a prestigious university in the UK. I was quite delighted as my dream became a reality.

What do you enjoy about studying Chemistry at Kent?

I enjoyed each and every aspect of studying chemistry. As Chemistry is the central science, I had a good and a clear understanding of biology, physics and computer programming. I think by knowing each area in a brief manner, this will help you to widen the horizon and give you a clear vision of what you want to do after you finish the degree.

And the most important aspect of this course is the innumerable amount of lab skills you get, and the experience you will get using the state-of-the-art instruments offered to us at Kent.

I personally believe that the skills you learn during lab sessions will directly help you in the latter part of your education or a career that you choose in the science field. Another reason why I enjoyed studying Chemistry at Kent is mainly because of the lecturers. I personally feel that the knowledge that they impart on us is with total dedication and full of clarity. The lecturers are so keen on helping the students; we all want to be taught by lecturers who are so passionate and so enthusiastic about their subject content.

How has your experience been as an international student at Kent?

Amazing, amazing, amazing! I had one of the best times at Kent as an international student. Initially, before starting I was quite nervous and apprehensive to take the initial step mainly because as an international student it was quite a mental shift rather than a physical shift to leave my home and get adjusted quite soon to a whole new environment.

But I was always a firm believer of the fact that great things do come to the people who move out of their comfort zone, and trust me it was worth the try. The University of Kent also had so much to offer for international students. I really felt that Kent was my second home. From the day I started attending classes I was always looking forward to what the college had to offer to me.

Kent accepted me as a part of it and that’s what made me so grateful to the university, and also the reason why Kent will always have a special place in my heart.

Is there any advice you’d like to give to people thinking about studying at Kent?

Go for it! I think that is the best decision for all you young aspiring students. From the administrative staff to the academic staff, all members will welcome you and treat you as a part of the university. Each and every one is ready to help you at any time and they will always be there to uplift you mentally. The lecturers are very helpful and they are always happy to talk with the students, so if anyone has any concern I highly recommend talking to them and getting advice from them.

When it comes to studying, I highly recommend everyone to attend all the lectures as it will enable you to interact which is very important in a course like Chemistry. So when focusing on studying, I took a different approach which was a concept I called as ‘visual and repetitive learning’. When talking briefly about this concept, it is a strategy that where you place diagrams/definitions/organic reaction mechanisms in a place where you constantly see. This enables you to retain most of the subject content without any effort.


Thank you Rasesh for taking the time to share your own experience studying Chemistry at Kent.

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