Sign up as a Kent Unibuddy and help future students

We are looking for current students, both Undergraduate and Postgraduate, to volunteer as Unibuddies.

Unibuddy is a free platform which allows prospective students to talk to current students at Kent. Prospective students are able to chat informally with a peer and get a real feel for what it might be like to study at Kent.

“What do you like most about your course? Why did you choose Kent? What support is available for International¬† students? What are the laboratories like?”

We are looking for current undergraduate and postgraduate students, to volunteer and represent the School of Physical Sciences on Unibuddy and to talk to prospective students about what it is like to study at Kent.

On top of good karma for helping other people out, you also get:

  • 35 Employability Points for signing up
  • 5 points for each blog post written
  • ‘Unibuddy of the Month’ will receive a ¬£25 Amazon voucher

If you would be interested in becoming a Unibuddy please sign up via this form.

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