PhD opportunities in Physics and Chemistry at the University of Kent.

Chemistry Lab Student

At the University of Kent, School of Physical Sciences, we have a number of PhD opportunities for you.

1) Dr Emma Pugh: PhD in Physics: Experimental Condensed Matter Physics – Magnetism, Superconductivity and Novel Quantum Phenomena:

2) Prof. Anna Corrias and Dr Gavin Mountjoy: PhD in Chemistry: Novel Materials based on Nanocrystalline Oxide Doping of Glasses:

3) Dr Maria Alfredsson: PhD in Chemistry: Polyanionic Cathode Materials for Energy Storage:

4) Dr Helena Shepherd: PhD in Chemistry: Functional Molecular Materials:

5) Dr Rob Barker: PhD in Chemistry: Understanding and Designing Responsive Lubricants for Electric Cars and Medical Implants:

The deadline for all of these is this Friday 22nd January 2021 so if you have not already applied but wish to, approach one of our SPS academics as a potential supervisor.


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