The SPS Student Promise

Enabling and inspiring you to realise your potential

This year we have created the SPS staff and student promises to clearly define what is expected of staff and students and help foster a strong, caring and inspiring community.

As part of the SPS family we want you to feel supported and welcome. Working together, staff and students, will create a supportive and welcoming community that enables and inspires EVERYONE to realise their potential. You can read the staff promise here – to understand more about what the School will do to support you.

The SPS promise is based on a number of key principles:

  1. Diligence
  2. Respect and Inclusivity
  3. Attendance and Engagement
  4. Communication
  5. Support

This year there is also a separate Covid-19 appendix to cover these unprecedented times.

    1. Diligence

As a school we value and support diligence. By starting your journey with us you have proven a desire and ability to be here, and we are committed to providing support to enable you to realise your potential. In return, you are expected to commit to attentive study and endeavour to achieve your best.

Or, put more simply, you can’t get out what you haven’t put in.  Invest in yourself!

  1. Respect and Inclusivity

SPS has a zero-tolerance policy on racism or any other form of discrimination and will apply rigorously the University policy on harassment, bullying, and discrimination.

The School celebrates diversity and promotes equality. We have an environment that fosters a sense of belonging among students and staff alike and generates equal opportunity, irrespective of racial or cultural heritage, gender, sexuality, faith, age, disability, or social background.

Demonstrating respect to all in the SPS family and the University is paramount. 

  1. Attendance, Engagement and Academic Integrity

The staff work hard to ensure the curriculum and delivery methods are engaging and exciting. They also create a safe environment for students to debate and question, listen to concerns, give clear and useful feedback, and are available to offer help and support.

You are expected to engage in this learning experience – by attending labs, lectures, completing self-study, and asking questions. It is important you engage with the support on offer, either in the School/ Division or the wider University including mental health and wellbeing, pastoral support, study skills, and take any opportunities to attend extra-curricular workshops, talks, and events that are arranged to help you realise your potential.

Overall, you are expected to act with academic integrity and honour throughout your University degree.

  1. Communication

The School will communicate with you regularly on school news such as change of lecture venues and upcoming events, either through the Directors of Undergraduate Studies or the subject newsletters. In order to ensure this communication is effective, you must check your emails daily (including during holidays). You should also signup to the text alert service and follow the School’s social media for more information.

In order to ensure the communication in the School is two-way, you are encouraged to find and use your voice. We want to hear feedback about your SPS experience. You can do this in many ways e.g through contact with your Academic Adviser, lecturers, technical or administrative staff, and through your student reps.

  1. Support

SPS is dedicated to providing a wealth of support from mental health and well-being to academic and peer support to help you through your journey to graduation and beyond. Please engage with the support services available and use them whenever needed.

You should look out for each other and raise any concerns about fellow students. Staff receive ongoing training in mental health awareness and will look out for your wellbeing, guiding you to other support services when appropriate.

You can see how the two promises work together here: Enabling you to realise your potential_



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