The SPS Staff promise

As part of the SPS family, working together, we all have a part to play in creating a supportive, inspirational and welcoming community which we can all be proud of.

Our SPS Staff promise, together with the student promise – which you can view here – will help foster a strong, caring and inspiring community and define what is expected of all of us in the School.

The SPS promise is based on a number of key principles:

  1. Diligence
  2. Respect and Inclusivity
  3. Attendance and Engagement
  4. Communication
  5. Support

This year, there is a separate Covid-19 appendix to cover these unprecedented times.

  1. Diligence

As a School, we value and support diligence, nurturing it as a key principle for all.  Our students have been accepted onto our courses and we have a responsibility to foster, motivate and develop them to realise their potential.  Their future success requires continued diligence from both parties, learner and tutor.  At every opportunity we will encourage and inspire diligence and offer support to all. In return, everyone is expected to commit to work attentively and endeavour to achieve their very best.

  1. Respect and Inclusivity

Discrimination has no place here.  The University policy on harassment, bullying, and discrimination will be applied rigorously.  SPS celebrates diversity and promotes equality, respect and a sense of belonging to our community.  As a member of the SPS family, you will demonstrate respect to all students and colleagues and in return, will expect it shown to you.

  1. Attendance and Engagement

Through this Staff promise, you will ensure that the curriculum and teaching is engaging, exciting, and creates a safe environment for debate.  You will listen to student concerns, give clear and useful feedback, and be available to help and support all those who need it.  You must ensure minimal absences, with no disruption to classes.  Cover must be arranged to make certain students are supported throughout.

  1. Communication

You will communicate to students on a regular basis in a clear and timely manner.  SPS will keep students informed about wider issues through the Directors of Undergraduate Studies communications and via subject newsletters.  If you have any information that needs to be passed on, ensure you speak to the relevant people within the School to ensure its delivery through the appropriate channels.  Students will be encouraged to use their voice and we need to listen.  If you get feedback from students, pass it on to the subject directors, Senior Tutor, Student Support or Head of School as appropriate.  You will be kept informed of news through the School Bulletin.  Your voice is also important and you are encouraged to comment via school meetings on your SPS experience.

  1. Support

You will have access to essential training from mental health and well-being, to software and pedagogy.  Attending all available courses and utilising in your everyday work is vital for ensuring a positive and effective learning community for all.  As a family, we expect everyone to look out for one another, ensure peer support, harbour a positive environment, grow a sense of belonging and inspire learning.  We are all are vital to the success of our SPS family.

You can see how the two promises work together here: Enabling you to realise your potential_


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