Meet the Society: Physoc

One of the best ways to socialise and meet people with the same interests as you is joining a society. And SPS has no shortage of amazing societies you can join! In this ‘Meet the Society’ series you’ll get the chance to meet the committees and find out what their societies are all about. Keep reading to hear about the physics society, Physoc, from the president, Holly.

Physoc is a group of nerds dedicated to learning about the universe and getting to know each other in a relaxed out of school environment. Our new committee is as fresh faced and enthusiastic as ever and we are very excited to provide you with as many events and socials as we can. Let’s rise up from the ashes once again for the year 2020-2021 and meet the new committee.

Holly, President 2020/21

“My name is Holly and I am very excited that I get to be your President this year. I am a fourth-year astrophysics student known for wearing a lot of yellow and smiling too much. This will be my second year on Committee, and I have lots of exciting plans for keeping our society alive and well; If you see me around campus, I am always available to chat. When I am not studying or running the society you might find me at a concert (maybe not for a few months), writing poetry, or in a yoga class. I can’t wait to meet you all in the upcoming year.”


Jonathon, Treasurer 2020/21


“I am Jonathon and I am studying Physics with Astrophysics and going into my second year from Jersey.  I am excited to be the treasurer of Physoc this year. This means I am in in charge of the budget – a bit like the chancellor of the exchequer, but with a lot less power and the fact that I am not a MP! I am really excited about this coming year, especially for the society and the events that we are planning including the sciences ball!”


Joe, Secretary 2021/21


“Hi, I’m Joe Cross, a fourth year Physics with Astrophysics student and your Secretary for PhySoc in 2020-2021. After managing the numbers last year, I decided I prefer maths to be kept to my degree, and so changed roles to something a little more hands-on, where my unfortunate interests in English and travel can be better used. When I’m not explaining to the rest of the (long-suffering) committee about why LOTR and Alien are the greatest film franchises ever made, I’m responsible for the planning of the CERN trip in mid-2021, and generally ensuring that the whole society doesn’t pass the Event Horizon of the disorganisation black hole in its daily running.”


Anni, Social Secretary 2020/21


“My name is Anni Bray, I am starting my second year in astronomy, space science and astrophysics, and I am your new Social Secretary. I have always been passionate about physics but especially keen on astronomy and have always been the ‘nerd who loves stars’ at my school; I know far too many constellations. Mainly, you’ll find me in the library doing work over a large coffee,  chatting with friends or running around campus, all be it slowly. But I still always make sure to chill out from time to time- who doesn’t want to snuggle on the sofa watching Netflix? However, as with any student, I enjoy having a drink with friends or maybe a spot of clubbing in between writing reports and would never say no to a bar crawl.”


Tris, Media and Marketing Officer 2020/21


Tris is our new Media and Marketing officer for this year, and our resident bermudian. She did fantastic work last year as the president of the society and knows Physoc inside and out, making her a perfect fit for a second year on the committee. She is a third year physics student with a passion for art and photography. This year she will be in charge of all promotional media for Physoc including photographing the events, designing posters, and creating new content for our social media. When she’s not on her busy third year schedule you’ll find her having coffee with friends on campus, doing our tarot readings, or going on a whimsical adventure.

We are so excited to meet you next year, and hope you will pick up a FREE Physoc membership to come along to our events. Socially distant or on social media, we’ll see you in September.

Holly Stokes-Geddes (President)


You can find Physoc on Instagram @ukcphysoc, Facebook @PhysocKent and you can join the society for free here.

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