Meet the Society: Amateur Rocketry Society

In the latest “Meet the Society” post, we introduce you to SPS’s newest student society, the Amateur Rocketry Society.

Firstly, here at the UKC Amateur Rocketry Society we would like to say a huge congratulations on getting your results. We hope that they are everything you wished for and more! Hopefully receiving offers from your chosen universities can be an end to a difficult and challenging time for you all, as well as a chance to get some well needed relaxation. The whole committee looks forward to seeing you all at the University of Kent soon, where you will embark upon the next exciting chapter of your lives!

The UKC Amateur Rocketry Society is a student-led society that aims to mimic the standard procedure for space mission design and execution that is used in the space industry. With us, you’ll learn many skills relevant to spacecraft planning, design and operations.

Skills such as project management, CAD design, working with 3D printers, programming, electronics and physics. While it might sound like we work hard, we also play hard too (if you parden the cliché).

We have plenty of plans for different socially distanced events and socials that we can host across the year, which we will keep you updated on with our weekly newsletters.

For now, here’s an intro from each member of the committee:

Matthew – President 

Hi, my name is Matt and I will be your president for the coming academic year. I am currently in my fourth year studying Astronomy, Space Science and Astrophysics. I love anything to do with space and can’t get enough of it, especially when rockets are involved! When I am not obsessing over aligning telescopes, I can be found programming, playing far too much Halo or watching the family of Wood Pigeons that live in my garden. I look forward to meeting all of you over the coming year (socially distant of course) and am excited to see what we can all achieve with a few rocket motors. 

Sean – Vice President

Hello I am Sean, I’ll be continuing as the vice president at amateur rocketry society this year. Last year I finished a Masters in Astronomy, Space Science and Astrophysics and I am very excited to be returning for further study this year. When I am not studying I split my time between working as a part-time product owner and developer for a local marketing business, and volunteering at a community interest group that produces software to assist special needs children with soft skill development.

Space, and the engineering that goes into getting there, has always been a huge inspiration to me. Amateur Rocketry Society is a great way to explore your ideas and learn new skills that can help you find a career in the space industry. I look forward to seeing you around campus and hopefully welcoming you to the club

Ally – Secretary

Hi I’m Ally, your Secretary for the year! I’m a fourth year Astronomy, Space Science and Astrophysics student who thinks space is pretty neat. I’m here for all your secretarial needs and can write an email like nobody’s business. All I know about rockets is that they’re really cool. I have a scar on my forehead from trying to launch myself off some stairs 10 years ago, I’ve since discovered a slight issue with my experiment in the form of gravity. I’m interested in learning how to build rockets so that I can one day take down my biggest nemesis: Elon Musk. I really love getting more people involved with STEM activities, and I’d like to see the society take on a wider range of members this year, helping to promote collaboration among scientists through creating a rocket that will benefit many fields of research.

Connor – Project Coordinator

Hello everyone my name is Connor, I will be your project coordinator this academic year. We will be learning physics, electronics and CAD designing. We will be going through each stage of rocket design and flight!  I am an Electronics and Communication Engineer student that has had a year in space robotics working for Airbus Defence and Space!

Dan – Social Secretary

Hi everyone, my name’s Dan and I’m going to be your Social Secretary for the next academic year! I’ll be your first port of call for all things events and socials-related at the UKC Amateur Rocketry Society. I’m a fourth-year Astronomy, Space Science and Astrophysics student here at Kent, but I’m originally from the mythical land that is Cornwall. A weird fact about me is that I’m vaguely related to Jamiroquai – no need for context there. Apart from being a colossal nerd for all things spacey, I’m a reluctant West Ham fan, god-awful golfer and am the sort of person that likes watching snooker on TV – so all the hallmarks for a great Social Sec I’m sure!

Stephanie – Treasurer

Hello, I’m Stephanie and I’m treasurer for the society. I am a UKC student from Hertfordshire in my third year of Astronomy, Space Science and Astrophysics as well as hopefully a peer mentor this year. I previously worked at ADC Bioscientific and MBDA Missile Systems on placement. I am passionate about physics, mathematics, electronics and programming and I hope to work on satellites and spacecraft in the future. I also love plants, growing my own food, pubs, the countryside, playing piano and baking. I joined the Amateur Rocketry Society to launch rockets and do practical work for my CV, but I also found a very warm and welcoming group of people. I believe the Amateur Rocketry Society should be a fun, welcoming and encouraging place for all members whether they be STEM students or students simply with an interest in Rocketry. Every society should be inclusive and allow people to acquire and practise their skills from every level of experience. The connections we form with others are incredibly important both while at university and in our careers, so a balance between work and social activities is key. Every member should experience a warm induction and be given tasks relevant to their skills or the skills they wish to learn. They should have access to resources and guidance from other members as well as academic liaisons.


We look forward to meeting you (virtually or hopefully face to face) in Welcome week, but in the meantime find us on Facebook.

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