Using a foundation year to build a great future

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Our foundation years offer those students who haven’t previously studied science, or those who didn’t meet the requirements for direct entry, a chance to study at Kent. Our Director of Education Dr Chris Shepherd, explains some of the advantages of taking up an offer of a Foundation Course:

Here at the School of Physical Sciences we offer Foundation Courses, giving those who may not have met the requirements needed the chance to study their passion at Kent.

Some students who have been offered a foundation course instead of direct entry onto stage one may be concerned that they are setting themselves back, but in fact completing a foundation year can put you in a great position to excel in your chosen degree for a number of reasons:

  1. Settle in to life at Kent. Taking a foundation year gives you an extra year to settle in to life at Kent and get to know the beautiful City of Canterbury. You have the chance to make friends, find your way around and become part of an active student community before starting your degree.
  2. Get used to how you will need to study and learn at University. Studying for a degree is very different to life at School of College. You will have to take the lead with extra reading, listen and take notes effectively in large lectures and practise.
  3. Learn what you need to know and fill any gaps in your knowledge. While re-sitting an exam may help fill one knowledge gap, taking a foundation year will ensure you are as prepared as can be to complete your degree. The course is designed to get you ready for your full degree – so you’ll get a chance to learn more about other areas that you may not be confident in too.
  4. Meet your lecturers. At the School of Physical Sciences, your foundation lecturers will teach you throughout the rest of your degree. This means you’ll get to know each other, build up a rapport and have people to go to for help and advice if you need it at any stage of your degree.
  5. Increase your confidence. Our foundation year students tell us that their foundation year helps them build their confidence in a number of areas, including making friends, living away from home and studying. The last one is especially important for Science subjects. You may not have had much practical experience, and our labs and facilities are industry standard. Completing a foundation year gives you a chance to familiarise yourself with a lab and learn more about our lab equipment and how to set-up and carry out experiments.

Whatever you chose to do when faced with a decision you weren’t expecting, take some time to work out the best option for you. If you take up the opportunity of a Foundation Course, you are still on track to study your dream course; make the most of it and realise your potential.


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