Where Are You Now? Meet our Forensic Science graduate Caroline Griffith

Recent Forensic Science graduate Caroline Griffith tells us more about what she’s been up to after Kent.

Caroline graduated in 2016, going on to her MSc at Cranfield University. She is now a Digital Forensic Examiner at Surrey Police. Here she tells us more about her current role, as well as looking back at her time at Kent and advice to our final year students about to enter the job market.

“My role involves extracting, analysing, and gathering evidence from suspect’s phones and computers. I couldn’t imagine myself in a more interesting job. It can be challenging and disturbing at times, but my time at Kent really prepared me for working life”.

What I learned at Kent was so valuable for what I do here day-to-day. For example, handling of evidence and especially forensic standards, such as ISO 17025, is so important these days and will always be integral in any forensic job.

“When it comes to looking for a job, apply for everything. Even jobs you don’t think you’re qualified for (within reason). I had no experience at all in Digital Forensics before getting my job, so it’s always worth a try. And NETWORK! Make an effort to get to know as many people as possible, as you never know what opportunities can arise from them in the future”.

“And don’t let rejection ruin your spirit. I attended several assessment days and interviews before getting this job, it takes time. Wishing you all the best for your futures in forensics – who knows, maybe we’ll meet one day.”

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