SPS staff and students battle it out at the Isolation Quiz Night

Quiz Master Anthony Quinlan tells us more about the hugely successful first online SPS staff and student quiz of 2020.

The current global situation has led to an increase in the number of online-social activities and SPS we are no exception.

Our first online quiz night for SPS students, staff and friends was in my biased opinion a success. We had 22 teams participating, with some people joining us from as far as Switzerland. Among the teams, some notable team members include Alonzo the cat, God and a sentient pizza oven.

Many of the teams attempted to earn extra points by answering in a silly and amusing manner or by explaining how they would bribe the quizmaster if it were possible. I think it’s safe to say next time SPS hosts an in-person quiz night, I can expect a lot of gin.

The vast majority of teams achieved over 50% of the points, I am pleased to say nearly all competitors knew what a cat is and how to read a periodic table. Although, hardly any knew where Rommel was on D day nor how to identify a Laguerre polynomial.

The quiz ended in a dramatic and rare three-way tie, but there can only be one winner and James’ Admin Angels took victory after the gripping tie-breaker. The winning team boasted a score of 40 out of 48 (although no bonus points were awarded to them)

“I am very proud of my Admin Angels for putting on a gold-medal performance and not besmirching my name. It was great to see staff and students take part and have a laugh in lockdown – but winning obviously made it that much sweeter! We’re hoping the next event is even bigger and better – we’re looking forward to even more competition!

James Burt, Admin Angels Team

This was not just an opportunity for competitors to learn but also myself, having asked what people have learned in isolation. My thirst for knowledge has been quenched with the fact that surgeons started washing their hands in 1847, how to say ‘dry spell’ in Spanish and that Toby doesn’t need his mum.

Going forward you can expect another SPS isolation quiz night soon. I look forward to seeing you there and stay safe.


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