Where Are You Now? Meet our Forensic Science Graduate Callum Mantel

Callum Mantel graduating from the University of Kent

Recent Forensic Science graduate Callum Mantel tells us about life after graduating from the School of Physical Sciences.

After graduating in 2018 in Forensic Science I applied for the new direct entry detective program for the Metropolitan Police, with the whole process taking a year to complete. During this year, I was working in sports manufacturing whilst waiting to be accepted onto the course. It was a steep learning experience, but due to the knowledge I picked up from my degree, it put me in a good place and it became easier to settle in and put me ahead of others.

I honestly don’t think I could have done this job without the skills I picked up in modules such as law, DNA and the practical elements of the course.

Callum Mantel, Forensic Science Graduate

I have been doing this program for just under a year now, but I’ve dealt with crimes ranging from harassment and domestic violence all the way up to GBH and attempted murder. Everyday always brings something new which is one of the best parts of the job and I can see why people call it the best job in the world.

My long-term goal is to become an exhibits officer for counter-terrorism and have already been recommended for the advanced exhibits course due to my forensic science degree despite still being so new. If you love the more practical side of forensic science, I would thoroughly recommend joining the program.


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