PhySoc Lecturer Panel

Tristan Narraway from Kent's Physics Society, PhySoc, tells us more about the panel event the society held at the end of February with academics to talk all things academia.

Physics Society - Panel Meeting at Kent

Recent events:

“Despite only being reformed in September, Kent’s Physics Society (PhySoc) has been working hard to re-establish its name as a society. With events ranging from movie nights to DIY escape rooms, PhySoc has been successfully bringing nerds together for a good time – and now have over 100 members!

“Just last week, PhySoc hosted a Lecturer Panel where academics from across the field of physics came together to discuss life in Academia. The event was well attended, and those involved were welcomed with a candid and honest dialogue between students and staff. Members of the faculty described their progress through the field of physics and how their choices along the way impacted their path and career – and the more they opened up,  the more curious students got.

“By the end of the two hours, we were having to limit questions – and students still stayed behind to chat with the lecturers and catch up on any unanswered curiosities.

“This marks another successful event, one which aimed to break the barrier students can feel between themselves and staff, as well as educate anyone looking to pursue careers in academia.”

Penny Wozniakiewicz and Vicky Mason also attended the event. Thanks for sharing PhySoc!

Upcoming events:

“On Thursday 12 March, PhySoc will be holding its second of a kind Passion Talk. We again invite our members – and anyone else who may be interested – to present a short, 5 minute talk on any subject they wish. With the overwhelming support of the last event, we look forward to seeing what obscure interests our members can muster – and if you don’t feel like talking, we invite anyone interested to come along and lean something new. More information about this – and a number of other upcoming socials – can be found on our social media pages.”