Meet our International Exchange student: Emma Dixon

Hear from a Forensic Science exchange student about studying at Kent

Emma Dixon is currently visiting from Trent University, Canada to study with the Forensic Science cohort at Kent. Here she tells us about her experience so far.

“As some of you know, I’m an exchange student from Canada doing my third year here at Kent University. It’s been a very eye-opening experience so far, especially comparing my program to my home university. My programme at Trent University is a double major of forensic science and biology so when choosing where to study abroad I had to pick between my majors.

“At the time, I wanted to focus on forensic science because living in the UK was, and still is, a possibility for me and the idea of networking and understanding how the system works here was very important. I also have dual citizenship (British and Canadian) which made the choice of the UK much easier. So then all I had to do was ‘pick’ the school. Back home, at Trent University, UKC comes highly regarded in their forensic science program. It’s a fairly new partnership on the forensic side of things but everyone who has come over for a year or semester only have good things to say and I’m no different!

One of the biggest things about Kent that I love are the labs/practical’s; especially in the second year Forensic Physical Methods class.

“While I had a lot of practice with S9 statements and crime scene house labs, the practical sessions that included practice with fingerprinting, swabbing and more specific practices like ESDA/ESLA or SPR. I haven’t had that much in depth practice before and it helped clarify how to apply these techniques. Another interesting aspect of your forensic programme is the fact that the digital forensics class is added in the curriculum.

“Back home, we have more niche parts of forensic science we can choose to do but it’s a choice. For example, I can do a blood stain pattern class, a fire and explosions class or even a bio- crime and bioterrorism class but these are more so based on what you chose in the other three years and where you wanted to go. They’re not all necessary, especially for my double major (“core” forensic majors have different guidelines). The only thing I wish I could experience more is the biology side of it, but I also understand that you can’t mix the two different schools. If you are looking at studying abroad, I would highly recommend Trent University, especially because our campus is incredibly beautiful, the town of Peterborough is a little small but good as well!

“And you’ll get a different experience like I did, and it will be extremely beneficial, but you should know that the idea of paying per evidence isn’t used in Canada! I can’t express how much you will all love Canada. If you go there for a year – you won’t want to leave! If you see me and want to say hi, please do, especially if you’re thinking about studying abroad in Canada. I’m always happy to chat.”