ChemSoc and PhySoc team up with BioSoc to host Kent’s first Sciences Ball

President of the PhySoc Society, Tristan Narraway, shares with us the success of the first collaborative event

Sciences Ball 2020

BioSoc, ChemSoc and PhySoc collaborated this past Friday evening to host Kent’s first Sciences Ball. With a massive attendance of over 100 students in Elliot Hall, the night commenced with a casual dinner which turned slowly into an evening of dancing, laughter and memories.

The event marks the first of its kind and its success paves the way for future collaborations between the sciences.

Of course, the Ball was a lot more complicated than the smooth-running night may have suggested. Everything was done by the committees – even the hundreds of balloons that decorated the hall and the fairy lights draping across the walkways. With the combined effort, collaboration and passion of the three societies, the event was transformed into a somewhat dream-like evening, complete with a professional photographer, DJ, photobooth and catering.

Months of effort on behalf of all of the societies are to thank for the success of the evening, and we’ve all learned a great deal from creating such a large-scale event – which will certainly not be the last of its kind. The committees would also like to thank everyone who attended the event; seeing people from all the different societies dressed up and genuinely enjoying themselves made the entire evening feel even more special, and the photos will last a lifetime.

It was an incredible night for science students to forget the stress of our workload and focus on what’s right in front of us – a community of equally determined and passionate minds looking to have a good time. The night wouldn’t have been what it was without the members of the societies who attended, and as such we welcome any feedback on the event and what we can do better for the next one.

Hope to see you all next year!