Anna’s Career Tips: Plan Ahead and Make Your Application Stand Out

SPS Employability Officer Annamarie shares updates for all stage students on upcoming events to help you plan ahead.

Professional Development - Career Planning at University of Kent


Stage 0

I am going to be running two twilight sessions for foundation students across all SPS subjects. Keep checking your timetables for information.

They will be workshops aimed at getting you to begin thinking broadly and in depth at your careers options and enabling you to identify the actions that you need to take to get there.

Stage 1

Remember the following upcoming sessions which are timetabled, so keep an eye out for further updates: 

 • An Introduction to Placements and Internships 

• CVs, cover letters and applications 

• Interviews and assessments 

The purpose of these is to help you to get a head start when seeking, researching and applying for placements. When you arrive back in the Autumn of Stage 2 you will need to be quick off the mark to submit sharp CVs, cover letters and applications that will get you into the interview room or assessment day.

By attending these sessions and making use of the Turn It In service of the summer, you will have an edge on those students who leave it until the autumn to begin working on their application skills.

Stage 2

Hang in there and keep applying! There are still year long opportunities and summer internships available.  Remember to see Anna or one of the Careers team if you have any issues or queries that you need assistance resolving.

Stage 3 and 4

Across all subjects. Make sure that you continue with career planning and your next steps planning. Remember the 90 minute rule. If you use this time each week to engage in career planning, research and applications then you will be ready to launch yourselves when graduation comes around.


Watch this space for sessions related to employability that are timetable specific for you.