Meet the Society: PhySoc

Want to find out more about our SPS student-led societies? PhySoc tell us a bit more about their upcoming events, and why students should join their society (which is free!)

Physics Society University of Kent
  1. Describe the society in three words:

Passionate, goofy, inclusive.

  1. Why should students join PhySoc?

As a committee we work hard to create unique, exciting and wholesome socials, which in turn attract equally unique, exciting and wholesome people;  there’s always a new friend to make or a story you haven’t heard. Our events aren’t just for physicists either – one of our recent socials was an escape room, which we managed to create from scratch – even the puzzles! We had over 35 people in attendance which was spectacular for such a newly active society. PhySoc also hosted a passion talk event, where anyone could come in and present a short talk on any topic they wanted. People talked about everything – the colour yellow, airplanes, k-pop, self-image – and it was incredible to see so much excitement in so many people.

We also host games nights, watch movies, do pub crawls, host talks from both lecturers and external guests – and so much more. Plus membership is free!

  1. What upcoming events does PhySoc have planned?

This week deposits open for our trip to Geneva, where we’ll be visiting CERN in June. The deadline for payments is week 18 – and the trip is shaping up to be spectacular. You can find more details on our Facebook group. One of the events in the works is a Lecturer Panel, where a number of SPS lecturers will come together and talk about their work, their interests and anything else we want to know; it’ll be an open floor to promote dialogue between staff and students. We’re also going to host a number of talks and socials, so be sure to follow our social media to get updates on what we have planned!

  1. Why did you join the Committee?

Funnily enough, the committee have known each other pretty much since the start of our university adventure. Last year, the society fell inactive – and to be honest, we were just a group of friends who wanted to bring it back to life. We had a vision of a society that we could be proud of, and that felt like family – and we’ve been chasing that since.

  1. How can students sign up to join PhySoc?

Students can join PhySoc on the KentUnion website – but feel free to come along to any of our events, which we post regularly on our Facebook and Instagram.

Physics Society University of Kent Social
PhySoc Escape Room Event