Meet your Rep: Postgraduate Research Rep for MEE, Jordan Cowell

Student Reps act as the link between the student body, Kent Union and the University - make sure you know yours.

Jordan Cowell, University of Kent

As well as our upcoming “Meet your Rep” events, we are asking all student Reps to tell us more about about why they became a Rep, and what they hope to achieve in the role.

This month, Postgraduate Research Rep Jordan Cowell answers our questions.

1. What does a Course Rep do?

A Course Rep or in my case a Research Group Rep are a focal point for student comments and concerns, which we are then able to pass on to academics and management through semi-regular meetings throughout they year.

2. Why did you become a Course Rep?

I think its important that students have a group of people with a strong voice who will make sure that their voices are being heard and I think I am one of those strong voices.

3. How do you engage with students to encourage feedback, discussions and suggestions?

Direct conversation is usually the easiest but thankfully with regular meetings as a research group it is possible to engage with all of the students together and debate issues or comments that need to be raised.

4. Do you have any success stories of your own where you’ve helped students, or brought about a change?

Unfortunately I have only been in the role a couple of months but have consistently campaigned for better training for PhD students who teach. I certainly felt that I was thrown in at the deep end when I started and I don’t want others to feel that.

5. We rely on Course Reps to inform the school the recommendations students have proposed for changes to benefit them in their course. Can you tell uswhy that’s important to students?

Student satisfaction should and is one of the top priorities of the school. If students are satisfied with the course they perform and understand better.

6. As a School Rep have you seen changes take place over the last couple of years?

There have been several changes over my last couple of years as a PhD student but even more over my previous six that I have been here as an undergraduate also. I do still think there needs to be some more radical changes in the modules that I supervise but its something we are working towards for the benefit of the students.

7. Any other thoughts or feedback on what it means to be a Course Rep, or why it’s important?

I wanted to put back in something for the school for all of the time I’ve been here so its satisfying to be able to help as a Group Rep. It definitely is important because without a student voice we cannot find solutions to the problems that you may have. I would therefore insist on raising any concerns with your student representative; we really can make a difference!