SPS students launch Amateur Rocketry Society

As a new year kicks off, SPS is proud to introduce a new student society - the Amateur Rocketry Society.

Like all of the societies at Kent, the Amateur Rocketry Society is a great way for students to meet new people and explore their passions and interests. In this blog post, President Aidan Gilkes, tells us more about what students can expect as this new society takes off.

Hello! We have just started a new society here at the University of Kent. The society is centred around team-based rocketry development. We aim to work to build an end-of-year product from the ground up, and showcase it at an Amateur Rocketry event in summer.

As the committee of UKC Amateur Rocketry Society, our aim is to provide an environment that allows and promotes motivated individuals to:

  • Pursue an understanding of the fundamentals of rocketry
  • Design, analyse, create, and test unique components and methods
  • Explore new ideas on how to improve upon current technologies
  • Network and interact with individuals with similar interests
  • Gain a better understanding of the space industry
  • Get relevant experience to help in crafting a career path after university
  • Improve their design and engineering skills in a tangible and referenceable way
  • Meet and learn from actual professionals in Space Science
  • Work as a team to produce a product to showcase and launch at a UKRA event
  • Present their thoughts and ideas with confidence that they will be fully considered, regardless of their educational background or membership duration

Rocketry is a unique, exciting, and challenging field of study (after all, it is rocket science). The work of building a functioning rocket is a multidisciplinary challenge.

This society provides a great opportunity for students interested in pursuing a wide range of topics (like physical science, engineering, design, business management, visual arts, and more) to come together and make something exceptional.

We would like to invite interested individuals (both students and staff) to join us. We have big plans for this year!

Aidan Gilkes


If you’d like to learn more about the society and get involved, please get in touch directly at ukc.rocketry@gmail.com


Committee members:

Aidan Gilkes (President):              ag672@kent.ac.uk

Sean Bayly (Vice President):        swtb3@kent.ac.uk

Dovile Rasinskaite (Secretary):    dr340@kent.ac.uk