SPS group set-up to tackle under-representation of women in Physics

SPS has set up a Women In Physics group to raise awareness of the latest gender research as well as tackling the causes of under-representation in physics. In this blog post Lena Jadou – Physics student and member of the new group – tells us more about the groups first meeting and it’s mission going froward.

“For the first time in the University of Kent, a ‘Women in Physics’ group has been put into place in the School of Physical Sciences. Whilst it is still in it’s early stages, pivotal discussions have taken place where a diverse number of women
exchanged views on their experiences so far as Physics students/staff.

“These women ranged from first year students all the way up to our very own lecturers, all of whom provided an invaluable insight into their varying perspectives on what we can do as a group to combat the under-representation of women within Physics.

“So far, we’ve established several goals and aims for our group, some of which being; to host networking nights, to bring in successful STEM women to speak at Kent, to go into schools and provide female STEM role models for young girls and to create a support network that extends to all women who feel isolated and unwelcome in Physics.”

“We have many other aims and hope to continue meeting every week or two to put into place action plans that will strengthen us and allow us to hopefully strengthen each other.

“As a student myself, I was always one of less than 5 girls who studied Physics at A-Level – and the only one from my school to continue it onto University. As a result, I feel that the Women in Physics group is crucial to bridging the gap
between men and women in this field.

“Personally, I know this will be achieved as we will start by providing a space for women to feel empowered as well as
providing us with opportunities which often may slip from our fingers due to being talked over, ignored or even imposter syndrome which is a problem that is deeply rooted within women.

“By starting with these core issues, we hope to put an end to the disparities between the sexes within the School of Physical Sciences and perhaps even extend it beyond.”


We look forward to hearing more about the group – and if you want to get involved please contact Dr Victoria Mason for more information.