How to get the most out of…your Foundation Year

Foundation Year Physics Student Kent

As part of our Welcome Week blog posts on getting the most out of each stage of your studies at SPS, Stage 1 Physics student Lucy Sayer gives us her top tips on making the most out of a Foundation Year.

The Physics Foundation Year at Kent is a wonderful experience and your journey is just about to start – so here are some tips on how to make the most out of your Foundation Year here at Kent:

  1. Firstly, I would suggest holding back on buying any textbooks for now. It may be something you think you need to do right away but you should find that the library holds copies of all the important textbooks you’ll be using for your foundation year. Also I recommend following the university on social media, if you have it, so that you can stay up to date with news and events; the School of Physical Sciences have their own Instagram, Twitter and Facebook if you’d like to follow them there!
  2. When you get to Kent there will be a lot of fun things going on but I would suggest to put some time aside in your first few weeks to explore lots of possible study places around campus. Everyone tends to have their favourite place to work and be productive (mine was definitely the library!)
  3. Having a journal or planner to keep organised will help you meet your deadlines and keep on top of your academic and social life. I also highly recommend getting into good habits like attending all of your lectures and workshops from the beginning so that you continue it on through the rest of your university life.
  4. Make sure to check out societies that you’d like to join during welcome week and remember you get free membership to both PhySoc and SpaceSoc. Societies are a good way to expand your social network and make friends beyond your course, there are so many to choose from so you should definitely be able to find something you’ll enjoy.
  5. You may find that university is a lot more focused towards you working independently in comparison to being at school but remember that your lecturers are still there to guide you! They’ll let you know their email addresses and office hours for whenever you need a bit of help. You also have Academic Advisers and a well-being team who you can speak to if you have any other problems you’d like to speak to somebody about. The School also regularly organises Pets as Therapy dog visits which is always a lovely thing to take a break and visit.

Doing the Foundation Year in Physics at Kent was the best decision I’ve made. It allows you to build on your academic knowledge (for example, teaching you how labs work at university or helping you get better at maths) and allowing you to settle into university life so that you are ready to start Stage One of your desired physics degree stream with confidence.

Finally, I’d like to wish you a wonderful first year at the University of Kent where I’m sure you’ll make tonnes of great memories!