Local MP visits the Applied Optics Group at Kent

AOG Research Group welcome Sir Roger Gale for a special visit and tour of the labs

Sir Roger Gale and AOG Group Photo

On Thursday 29 August 2019, the Applied Optics Group (AOG) welcomed the visit of Sir Roger Gale, member of Parliament for North Thanet. The visit stemmed from the AOG’s participation in this year’s STEM4Britain event, where PDRA Dr Manuel Marques showcased results from his research on an EPSRC supported project that combines optical coherence tomography with robotic manipulation.

The head of the AOG, Prof Adrian Podoleanu, presented an overview of the research topics and achievements of the group. He particularly highlighted the progress being made in optical modalities for medical imaging, and for non-destructive testing. This was followed by Sir Roger’s visit to Manuel’s lab and to several other AOG labs, where researchers had the opportunity to present their current activities and the stage of translating their research to clinics and industry.

Dr Manuel Marques and Sir Roger Gale at University of Kent.
Dr Manuel Marques highlighting the research carried out within the REBOT project.
Sir Roger Gale and Alex talk to postgraduate Andy Thrapp
Sir Roger Gale and Alex talk to postgraduate Andy Thrapp.


Applied Optics Group at the University of Kent with guest visitors Sir Roger Gale and Alex.
The AOG’s academics, along with Deputy Head of School and Director of Research Dr Simon Holder, attending a presentation of the group’s research given by Prof Adrian Podoleanu.

We would like to heartily thank Sir Roger for his visit to the AOG and for his interest in the research being done in the local area. We look forward to inviting him to tour our labs again in the near future.

The Applied Optics Group (AOG) develops advanced optical systems for imaging and sensing, with applications in medicine, science and industry. Find out more on their research page.