MSc by Research Projects Available for 2019/20

Are you interested in taking a Research Masters in Physical Sciences?

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At the School of Physical Sciences, we are a dynamic research community, producing innovative and interdisciplinary research. Our work has application in many industries, including renewable energy, medicine and security.

Below is a list of current self-funded Research Masters projects available within each listed group.

Applied Optics Group

The Applied Optics Group (AOG) develops advanced optical systems for imaging and sensing, with applications in medicine, science and industry. One of our core strengths is in optical coherence tomography for medical imaging, alongside research interests in adaptive optics, microscopy, endoscopy, photoacoustics and spectroscopy. The group also has expertise in high-speed microwave photonics and acousto-, electro- and magneto-optics.

MSc Project in Optical Machine Learning Classification for Spectroscopy
Dr Michael Hughes

Bridging the Gap Between Optical Coherence Tomography and Histology in Imaging Skin
Professor Adrian Podoleanu

Parallel Processing of Optical Coherence Tomography Signals using Graphic Cards
Professor Adrian Podoleanu, Dr Konstantin Kapinchev, Dr Adrian Bradu

GPU-Based Parallel Optimisations in Image Processing
Dr Adrian Bradu and co-supervisor Dr Konstantin Kapinchev

Portable Optical Coherence Tomography for Angiography of the Eye with no Injection
Professor Adrian Podoleanu, Dr Adrian Bradu and Dr Manuel Marques

Centre for Astrophysics and Planetary Science

The group’s present research spans a range of themes including Solar System and Space Science, the Interstellar Medium, Star Formation and Planetary Nebulae. The activities include infrared astronomy, astrobiology, astrochemistry, astrofluids and numerical astrophysics.

Research Masters in Observational Astrophysics: Population of Young Stars
Dr Dirk Froebrich

Research Masters in Observational Astrophysics: Small Scale Structure and Properties of Accretion Disks around Young Stars
Dr Dirk Froebrich

Research Masters in Observational Astrophysics: Dips and outbursts in Stars
Dr Dirk Froebrich

Research Masters in High-Mass Star Formation
Dr James Urquhart

Functional Materials Group

The FMG is an interdisciplinary group carrying out research in a broad and diverse range of topics concerning the synthesis, characterization and modelling of functional materials, as exemplified by materials with useful optical, magnetic, catalytic, electronic and biomedical properties. The benefits of computer modelling and theory to augment experimental work are also exploited.

Determining the effect of polymer sequence on drug delivery into cancer cells
Dr Christopher Serpell (Collaborator: Prof. Martin Michaelis, Biosciences, University of Kent)

Determination of Polyphosphoester Conformation at High Resolution
Dr Christopher Serpell

Traceless polyprodrug formulation of bioactive phytochemicals (Collaborators: Prof Michelle Garrett, Kent Biosciences, and Dr Isabel Fong Lim, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak)
Dr Christopher Serpell (Collaborators: Prof Michelle Garrett, Kent Biosciences, and Dr Isabel Fong Lim, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak)

Research Masters Project in All-nitroxyl, Water Soluble Radical Batteries
Dr Alex Murray

Research Masters Project in Biomimetic, Recyclable Flow Batteries
Dr Alex Murray

Research in inorganic materials chemistry developing new metal-organic frameworks with applications in Li and Na-ion batteries and ferroelectric memory storage
Dr Paul Saines

Masters by Research Projects in Theory and Simulation of Structure-Property Relations in Functional Materials at the University of Kent
Dr Nick Bristowe

Computational modelling for materials discovery of new silicate glasses
Dr Gavin Mountjoy

MSc in Synthetic Organo-silicon Chemistry
Dr Aniello Palma

Projects in Forensic Science 
Dr Will Gee

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