SPS Announces Second Mindfulness Course Following A Successful Launch

We find out more about the benefits of mindfulness and share how you can join the next course to help manage exam stress and anxiety

Providing a calm and supportive environment, SPS Student Support Co-ordinator Sue Welford and Clerical Receptionist Rachel Small, help guide students at SPS to learn about meditation, movement, reflection, exercises and daily life practices that students can take with them going forward. Following on from the success of the first Mindfulness Course, Sue and Rachel tell us more about the benefits of learning and practising mindfulness, to help cope with challenging situations often faced during life at university and beyond.

“Mindfulness is the practice of living in the moment, of being aware of your feelings and experiences without passing judgement or reacting impulsively.

It is the gentle and subtle practice of self-improvement without the endless guilt of not doing enough. Mindfulness teaches you to slow down and process things, rather than being disconnected or going through the motions without understanding why you behave in a certain way; as every mindful practice you do however small expands your mind and brings you closer to your inner peace.”




We asked our students who took part what they took from the Mindfulness Course. Here’s what they wanted to share: 

“It’s good to be allowed to stop and relax, also think about something other than work and what I have to done or haven’t done.” – Anonymous

“Mindfulness has helped me to understand my body more and also how my mind/thought processes work.” – Anonymous

The benefits of learning and applying mindfulness to everyday life as well as challenging situations, not only can provide an immediate relief, but can further our knowledge so that the learning can be continued long after.

Following on from the popularity of this course and the benefits students felt they had gained in just 5 weeks, Sue and Rachel are delighted to announce that they are providing a second course. Starting on Wednesday 6th March, and continuing weekly until Wednesday 3rd April 2019, this is set to be a popular course, so please do register your interest early by emailing spssupport@kent.ac.uk.