UTRIP Applications Now Open for 2019

Successful applicants can enjoy a summer internship in Tokyo

University of Tokyo Research Internship Programme

The University of Tokyo Research Internship Programme is an intensive summer internship, giving undergraduate students the opportunity to experience a flavour of life as a researcher.


For undergraduate students who have a strong interest in further study, UTRIP can provide a fantastic personal experience working alongside renowned members at the University of Tokyo, in Physics, Astronomy, Chemistry, Earth and Planetary Science and Biological Sciences departments. UTRIP first launched in 2010, as a programme open to international students around the world designed to “inspire and motivate students to pursue careers in science“.

SPS Physics Student Shares Experience

Want to find out more from a student who has successfully applied and enjoyed the UTRIP programme? SPS Stage 3 Physics undergraduate Alejandra Traspas-Muina applied in January and got to attend a few months later in the summer of 2018, following her successful application.

Alejandra was able to work on atmospheric chemistry, as well as enjoy an excursion outside of Tokyo and take part in a short course on Japanese language and culture.

“I made contact with different employees from NASA, worked with one of the very few people in the world recreating stellar dust with a machinery more than 40 years old (handmade), made friends with Japanese students and also students from all over the world, studying at Cambridge, Berkeley, Brown, Edinburgh and China.”

Alejandra’s experience has continued to motivate her to pursue further study as part of her career path. Read about Alejandra’s experience¬†at UTRIP in our previous blog post.

How to apply

If you would like to apply, please read through the eligibility and requirements and get in touch with Dr Emma McCabe and Dr George Dobre for more details. Good luck!