SPS Societies Update

The end of the first term is fast approaching, and our four SPS societies may have had a busy first few months, but they still have lots lined up before the winter break

SPS Societies University of Kent


Echion Technologies Talk by Dr Groombridge

Students enjoyed a fantastic talk delivered by Dr Groombridge this week, giving an overview of his career and talking about the pathway he took to establish a successful enterprise, Echion Technologies.

Echion Technologies, is an exciting start-up company which centre it’s success on multidisciplinary research in the field of novel battery materials and manufacture to an industrial level. Echion Technologies has been recognised worldwide as a leading company in the field and has been awarded the 2017 RSC Emerging Technologies Competition.

Dr Groombridge and the other co-founders have been inserted in the Forbes list of “30 under 30” in the industry category.

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Echion Technologies - University of Kent
Photo: Palmer Research Group


UKC Forensic Science Society

Gathering Evidence and Forensics in Egypt 

On Saturday 17th November, UKC Forensic Science Society hosted their own Society conference, inviting guest speakers Dr David Potter from GW Pharmaceuitcals, and Adrian Parsons and Amanda Meritt from Kent Police to discuss cannabis and the forensic aspect of gathering drug evidence.

UKC Forensic Society also got to hear Bob Green’s experience of when he visited Egypt’s Pathology Lab, providing a fantastic experience for students to hear how forensics is evolving in other countries.

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UKC Forensic Science Society Egypt


Airbus Talk

On Friday 15th January, Airbus will be coming to deliver a talk to PhySoc and SpaceSoc. If you are interested in career in the space industry, this is the talk for you!

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Skype Talk with Astronaut and Chemist Anna Lee Fisher 

In collaboration with ChemSoc, SpaceSoc organised an exciting talk with female Astronaut Anna Lee Fisher this week.

Based in America, Anna was able to deliver a Skype talk, providing a wonderful opportunity for students to hear Anna talk about her experience in space first-hand, what she is currently doing and answer their questions.

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Anna Lee Fisher


It’s fantastic to see our SPS societies going from strength to strength – we look forward to seeing your events in the new term!