SPS visit to Hong Kong opens range of opportunities to staff and students

Learn more about studying or working in Hong Kong

Earlier this month, as part of a recruitment trip to the country which included visits to a number of Schools to tell them more about SPS, two members of the School met with colleagues at our partner universities to learn more about life studying there and explore opportunities to extend our relationship.

As part of its wide range of programmes, SPS offers Physics, Astrophysics and ASSA students the chance to study abroad for a year. We are hoping to bring this exciting proposition to our other courses in the next year of two, giving all of our students the chance to experience a new culture, meet new people and study in a different environment.

Two of our partner institutions are in Hong Kong – The Chinese International University and City University, Hong Kong.

Dr Chris Shepherd and Katherine Moss got a taste of life at these universities with tours of the fantastic facilities and a chance to talk to current students. City University was quite small, with excellent facilities on campus including an outdoor pool, canteens in each academic building and a beautiful Chinese garden with seating, pergolas and waterfalls for relaxation and quiet study. While The Chinese International University is much bigger, with a shuttle bus running around campus all day but with fantastic facilities and a busy and exciting atmosphere.

Both universities offer an exciting range of summer programmes that may be of interest to our students thinking about sampling life abroad while boosting their CV.

City University also runs an excellent summer research placement programme from 10th June to 9th August which our undergraduate students have the opportunity to join. Students take part in a live research project as well as going on industrial visits and taking part in cultural activities. Accommodation on campus is available for around £300-£400. You can contact spsmarketing@kent.ac.uk or visit City University Hong Kong to find out more.

The Chinese University of Hong Kong also runs a range of summer schools including short study courses and intensive Chinese language training. The University also runs an undergraduate research programme – you can learn more about the available topics at www.summer.cuhk.edu.hk/surp.

Chris and Katherine also met with students from Kent who are currently living in the country – either as part of their study abroad or year in industry – at a Kent in Hong Kong event organised by the central International Team.

The School wants to build on this opportunity and is looking at creating a network of students in Hong Kong who are available to give advice with moving to a different country, as well as possibly being on hand to help students settle in to the country. If you are thinking about studying abroad – either in Hong Kong or one of our other institutions – and want to speak to someone who has gone through it please contact spsmarketing@kent.ac.uk.

All in all it was an exciting, informative and productive few days and hopefully SPS staff and students will have more exciting opportunities to work with our counterparts in Hong Kong going forward.