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Find out more about our four fantastic societies at the School of Physical Sciences

SPS Societies University of Kent

Societies are a fantastic opportunity to meet other students and enjoy fun sociable events throughout the academic year. Our SPS societies are open to all students, even if they are not your subject area that you are currently studying, if you have an interest, they could be the society for you! Find out more about our four fantastic societies at SPS below, and sign up today.



“ChemSoc is an academic society that welcomes all students who have an interest in chemistry but is especially beneficial to those studying the subject. There are many events that take place where you have the opportunity to meet with people on your course and make new friends. Events in the past have included guest speakers, workshops, pub quizzes, pool tournaments and bingo. We hope to include new things such as trips and revision get togethers. Make sure to attend all the events so you don’t miss out on anything, so you can make the most of your first year at Kent.”

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UKC Forensic Science Society

UKC Forensic Society Crown Court







“The UKC Forensic Science Society provides a more informal academic environment for its members, with opportunities for career advice and enhancement of forensic knowledge. We provide top quality guest lectures, special events and socials, all to amplify the university experience for our members. The society have had successful events in the last couple years, such as a built weekend seminar with different guest speakers, trip to conferences, our famous laser tag night, and even a talk with HR Director from Cellmark Forensic Services. We provide a scene for development, but also a fun environment to make new, like-minded friends.”

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“Physoc is an inclusive, ambitious society, open to students from all disciplines. We have big plans for this year, including innovative socials, and big international trips. If you have an interest in physics, and want to join a group of friendly, like-minded people, then PhySoc is the society for you!”

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SpaceSoc University of Kent


“We are a society that welcomes all who like space or space related things. We will train people to use the society telescope and host viewing nights for certain events. We also host rocket building as a fun group activity where people get to make something that they’ll see launched. Apart from that, we will hold socials where people can mingle and make friends. On the academic side of things, we will hold guest lectures and talks which should prove to be interesting to the SPS students and the none SPS students who find space interesting.”

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