Forensic Science Society celebrates double success at the Kent Union Activity Awards

Successful night caps a great year for Forensic Science Society

The Forensic Science Society has scooped both the Academic Forum and Outstanding Committee of the Year Awards. Robert Green, OBE, JP, Director of Undergraduate Studies for Forensics programmes tells us more about the success and continued growth of the society:

SPS is extremely proud of its Forensic Society who are the proud winners of two student activities awards, having scooped both the academic forum award and the outstanding committee of the year for 2018.

Building on solid foundations from previous years, the society has made massive advances both in terms of increasing membership but also in expanding the fabulous range of activities they organise. The society has a high profile social media page and has done so much to spread the word on behalf of their society and the University. Similarly it does so much to enhance the student experience and draw in many from a science and wider background.

To give you some flavour of what the society has achieved this year perhaps we could just summarise some of the things it has done. Quite apart from the input by our own members of staff and a number of social events, the committee has been active in many other areas.

For example, they organised the weekend visit to Lincoln to take part in the annual student meeting of the Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences. We have had visits by naval bomb disposal experts and also have visited Kent Police College to witness crime scene investigation training. They organised and successfully delivered a Saturday seminar inviting specialists working in the field of sexual offences and also experts in the commercial cultivation of cannabis. We have had visits by sitting magistrates and a tour of the Fuji film analytical Labs.

Capping this, the society organised and delivered a visit by the HR manager of a major forensic science provider to come and talk to forthcoming graduates on the topic of employability. This is by no means all but just a flavour of some of the things which they have delivered on behalf of our students and which led to this award.

The society has done so much to represent Kent Union, the University and the School of Physical Sciences and we are incredibly proud of their success in 2018. Already, they have ideas for the next academic year and I am sure that they have set solid foundations for continued and increasing success.

On behalf of everyone at SPS, I would like to congratulate them on this most recent success, and wish them all the best for the coming year.


Robert Green, OBE, JP