Chemistry accreditation success

The School of Physical Sciences is celebrating the accreditation of its Chemistry courses by the Royal Society.

After a tough and vigorous process, the School was informed that all of its Chemistry courses had been accredited by the Royal Society of Chemistry at the end of last year.

Although the course is now four years old, the School couldn’t apply for accreditation until our first cohort of Chemistry Integrated Masters (MChem) students graduated. This means we were successful at its first attempt – made at the earliest possible chance. It also means the Chemistry team joins Forensic Science and Physics by offering fully accredited degrees.

Speaking about the success Mark Green, Head of School, says: “RSC accreditation across all programs and being ranked nationally in top 3 for student satisfaction affirms Kent’s position as one of the best Chemistry departments in the country. We continue to invest millions to enhance the experience and employability of our flourishing student numbers.”

The Royal Society of Chemistry is the world’s leading chemistry community, advancing excellence in the chemical sciences. More than 360 degree programmes at over 60 universities are currently accredited by their well-established and respected accreditation system. Through accreditation, the RSC promotes good practices in the university education of chemical scientists, and makes sure that future practising scientists are knowledgeable and competent. Accreditation of degree programmes by professional and statutory bodies is a mark of assurance that particular standards are met.

Gaining accreditation is great news for our students – including graduates as the accreditation is retroactive – as it assures them that the course addresses the needs of employers and students. Graduates from an accredited programme will have an advantage not only when applying for jobs but also when they are looking for professional qualifications, such as chartered chemist (CChem) status. It’s also great news for the School as it means we can sit alongside other accredited courses and gives us the edge in a competitive market.

A huge thank you to all those involved in the process – especially to Maria Alfredsson for her part in this success story.

You can learn more about the RSC and their accreditation process and criteria here.